Building a Seamless Event Registration System

There’s Got To Be a Better Way

Your company’s business is increasing leaps and bounds. You’re at the point where your seminars and workshops are creating buzz, but unfortunately, your website infrastructure is either outdated or it’s been little more than an afterthought. Simply put: you’ve just been too busy to do anything about it, so you continue to handle registration and follow-up for your events over the phone, by email, Facebook, or worse yet, snail mail. You’re missing out on leads because you don’t have a consistent system in place to capture them. You spend a lot of your time sending out reminder emails when you could be pursuing new clients. You’re desperate for a more efficient means of managing customer relations, and you’re growing really tired of hearing yourself say, “There’s got to be a better way.”

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The Path to Better Customer Relations Management

Tatiana Rousseau, Lightmark Media’s Creative Services Director, devised solutions for CamaPlan, a Lightmark Media client, whose customer relations management scheme fit the above profile. Tatiana developed and implemented an upgraded event registration system that including tracking capabilities, an automated customer relations management feature including email confirmation and reminders, and a way to measure behavioral trends. According to Tatiana, “The primary challenge I faced was that the client needed a way for users to view their events and register for them online plus integrating that with their CRM (customer relationship management system), in order to do all the tracking and lead capture.” “Given this need,” Tatiana continued, “I created an event page with clickable links and a registration button that resolved CamaPlan’s problems very straightforwardly.” “We also added a Google map feature for each event location and integrated event registration with InfusionSoft for CamaPlan’s frequent live events and webinars. This has allowed them to capture leads, tracking, and send automated emails.” The final piece of the puzzle involved finding an adequate site to host CamaPlan’s live webinars. Tatiana integrated the system with GoToWebinar for automated emails and webinar viewing.

Events system that includes
  • list view and month view
  • individual pages for  events
  • google map for each event location


  • registration page with button


Are You Ready to Discuss Next Steps?

Does your company’s website lack the infrastructure needed for users to view and register for events concurrently? Are you unable to capture leads, do tracking, and send automatic email confirmations? Are you ready to discuss next steps?

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