Effective as of October 1, 2023

All marketing support will be billed to our clients at an hourly rate of $175 per hour.

All marketing support requests should be submitted via email to [email protected]. The turnaround time for most projects is between 3 and 5 business days unless otherwise specified upon submission of request.

If you would like a request to be considered “rushed,” please label your email request as “RUSH Request.” Most rush requests can be completed by the end of the next business day, if not the same day. Any rush request will be billed to you starting at $250 per hour.

Marketing Support means:

  • Website updates such as
    • Content changes – images, video, text, etc.
    • New pages
    • Cloning pages
    • Backups/reverts (unless you are a hosting client)
    • Plugin installation
    • Form code install
    • Calendar/scheduler code install
  • Graphic Design
    • Print designs (business cards, brochures etc.)
    • Branded marketing material
    • Video editing
    • Custom graphics for website or marketing use
  • Digital Media Marketing
    • Funnel Builds
    • Email/SMS Campaigns
    • CRM integrations

All requested meetings are considered marketing support and will be billed as such. Cancellation without 24 hour prior notice will incur a charge for half of the allotted time (booked 1 hour meeting – billed for 30 minutes). Arriving to a previously scheduled meeting 15 meetings late will result in a cancelled booking and incur the above mentioned charge.

Same day meeting requests will be considered as a “RUSH Request” and billed as such.

Lightmark will require all necessary logins and appropriate access before beginning work on a marketing support request.

At the completion of a request, please review all delivered work for accuracy. Note: Lightmark Media will not be held responsible if a previously reviewed and approved update malfunctions (usually due to external causes such as plug-in conflicts or websites changes made by other parties); we consider these requests new and therefore billable. Naturally we warrant our work against defects in workmanship that are identified within 30 days of project completion.

Lightmark is not responsible for maintaining passwords, domain registrations, or other third party login credentials. These are solely the responsibility of our clients.