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How to get found by – and win over – people who need you.

Marketing is the art and science of attracting and engaging your ideal client/customer.

Good marketing is, first, showing up when and where they’re looking, and second, respecting your new client or customer enough to give them what they’re looking for right now. In this moment. Honoring their agenda.

Great marketing gets you found and gets your clients’ problems solved. That’s a good match.

Our formula? Traffic + Conversion + Follow-up = GROWTH & PROFIT

1. Traffic is your lifeblood.Having a great website or landing page is just the beginning.Next, you need qualified prospects to find and engage with you online and take actions that move them closer to their solutions – and move you closer to a sale.Give us a call and let’s talk about how paid traffic, free traffic, social traffic, and traffic driven by your fans can turn your website into a revenue machine.

2. Never settle. (Conversion Optimization)Once sales (or new subscribers or new patients…) start rolling in, the system needs to be tweaked and tested to make it better. This is a science, and few people understand it (especially not art directors).But consider: if your website’s conversion rate goes from 10% to 15%, your revenue just increased 50%.We call this process conversion optimization, and it’s the recipe for going from Good to Great.

3. Stay in touch. (Follow-up marketing)Every time you get a lead – or a new client or customer or patient – raise your right hand and swear that you’ll do everything in your power to give them an incredible experience for LIFE – and know that if you do, they’ll support you with their business and their referrals for years to come.Healthy businesses are referral-driven, and people will refer you if you stay in touch and continue to bring them great service, value, and appreciation.Luckily, we have automated systems that help you stay connected to the people who matter most. Ask us how.

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