Who We Are

Lightmark Media is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in lead generation systems for real estate and private capital companies.

What We Do

Motivated Seller PPC – and a lot more

We’re best known in real estate circles for Motivated Seller PPC campaigns and work with many of the biggest investors in markets around the country, but here’s a more complete list of what we do:

PPC & Traffic Generation

  • Motivated Seller PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • Event Marketing PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • Real Estate Coaching & Mentoring PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • Cash Buyer PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • Turnkey or Investor-Buyer PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • New Tenant PPC campaigns (Facebook)
  • Hard Money Borrower PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)
  • New Property Management Client PPC campaigns (Google, Bing & Facebook)

Design & Development

  • Conversion-Optimized Website & Funnel Design
  • Web Development (WordPress)
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding / Logo Design
  • Web Hosting, Server & Email Management

Marketing Automation

  • Automated Marketing System Design, Implementation & Management (Infusionsoft, Podio, Salesforce, and others)
  • Implementation & Management of Call Tracking Systems, SMS Systems, CRMs, Email Service Providers, and more.

What We Believe

Our Core Values


We communicate with each other and with clients openly and often.


We do what we say and we do the right thing.


We experiment and constantly strive for improvement.


We give our best effort because doing great work is its own reward.


We own the problems and take responsibility for finding solutions.


We appreciate each other and our clients. It’s a privilege to serve each other and them.


We celebrate the wins and have fun!

lightmark team