Home Cash Guys’ Motivated Seller PPC Campaign

More leads, less money (per lead), 400%+ ROI.


HCG needed more high-quality, exclusive-to-them leads at a lower cost.


~100 PPC leads per month that generate 400-500% ROI

Prior to Lightmark managing our PPC campaign, we were paying more for (fewer) leads, some of which weren’t even exclusive because we were getting them from a lead aggregator.

Greg Yuter, Home Cash Guys

About Home Cash Guys

Located in the greater Philadelphia area, Home Cash Guys is a Real Estate Solution company that helps homeowners sell their homes quickly, for cash, without the hassle of the traditional home sale route.

Home Cash Guys
HCG’s Goals

Generate a greater volume of leads at a reasonable cost per lead, and turn these leads into contracts and closings.

PPC for Motivated Sellers

For HCG, having their leads be exclusive, getting a lower cost-per-lead, and increasing the overall volume of leads were three important goals for their PPC campaign. Under Lightmark’s management, HCG’s PPC campaigns now get them high-quality leads at a lower cost, while achieving over a 400% ROI.

Screenshot We typically get in about 100 leads a month, and we get back, on average, 4-5 times what we invest in PPC. - Greg Yuter, Home Cash Guys