SJO Investments’ Motivated Seller PPC Campaign

More Leads, More Appointments, More Deals Closed.


SJO needed more motivated seller leads.


Lead count, appointments, and closed deals increased significantly.

We usually run 10-12 appointments a week from our PPC campaign, and we close about 20% of these appointments into contracts.

Scott Oots, SJO Investments

About SJO Investments

SJO Investments

SJO Investments is a premier real estate investment firm in Southern California, having done hundreds of deals in the Los Angeles area. Their mission is to help homeowners out of every situation they find themselves in. SJO buys properties and then holds them, rehabs them, or re-sells them to other investors.

SJO’s Goals

Increase their number of motivated seller leads and turn these leads into appointments and purchase contracts

PPC for Motivated Sellers

Lightmark’s PPC team worked to optimize SJO’s campaign and got them to a point where their PPC leads were the single biggest lead source.

Since having Lightmark take over management of their PPC campaign, SJO has not only seen an increase in overall leads, but their quality leads have doubled in number.

Screenshot We have used a few different PPC providers in the past and I was not interested in another short term partnership. We needed a company that had proven its value to others in my network. Lightmark is used by multiple people that I personally know in my industry and has done a fantastic job. - Scott Oots, SJO Investments