Texas Turnkey


No clear direction what the user should do or where to go.


Made the main call-to-action the star of the page, improved design to increase readability, and added in resources for users to learn about turnkey investments.

We began working with Lightmark Media in late 2017. We needed to update our website and we also needed help coordinating our website with some different elements of our sales automation and CRM. From the beginning we were assigned a point of contact who then conducted several meetings between us and the different elements of Lightmark who all were working on our project.

The meetings were very professional and productive. They asked great questions. We always left with clearly defined objectives, results, and next steps. Lightmark was excellent at meeting timelines and deadlines. Our new website went live on schedule and has worked flawlessly since the beginning of the new year.

Brian Foster, Texas Turnkey Properties

About Texas Turnkey Properties

Texas Turnkey Properties

Texas Turnkey Properties provides turnkey investment properties to investors nationwide. The key to their success lies in taking control of the entire process from acquiring and renovating to building from the ground up.

TTK’s Goals

Provide informational resources to educate prospects.

Improvements Made to Website

Eliminating Clutter For The Call-To-Action to Shine

On Texas TurnKey’s old website, there was no visual hierarchy. It wasn’t clear where to look first, and what action the user should take.

We made the main call to action, “Download Starter Kit”, more eye-catching by complementing it with a large visual in the feature area. The old site had no distinct indicator as to who owned the site. There’s no quicker way to indicate who the site belongs to like a large graphic. It is now immediately clear to a user who Texas TurnKey is within the first five seconds of viewing a home page.

The old site suffered from too much clutter amongst its links, so we reduced the amount of links in the navigation to eliminate distractions.

The same download offer is also on the bottom of every page so a user always has somewhere to click after viewing an interior page.

Before Screenshot After Screenshot

Using Design To Increase Readability

In most instances users are not reading your website, but rather scanning it to find the information they are interested in; even more so as mobile visits continue to increase. In order to make the content more digestible we broke up the same great content from their old website with large headlines, white space, images, icons, and bullets.

Providing Educational Resources For Potential Investors

Beginning an investment in turnkey properties is a huge decision so we made sure to provide the necessary resources for new potential investors. On the home page, we added links to Why Houston? Why ABQ?, past Texas TurnKey projects, and frequently asked questions.

Tablet Screenshot

Additional Changes Made to Website:

  • Built trust with “Partners” section to give validity to Texas TurnKey.
  • Feature Properties section to give a preview of what’s available. Must sign up to view Property Details.
  • We removed the videos from the home page because data showed that users were not watching them and they were taking up a lot of valuable space on the page.

Lightmark was easy to work with and they took the time, and made the effort, to understand our business and make salient recommendations.

Brian Foster, Texas Turnkey Properties