Free Books… Great Kids… Amazing Day!

We had the great privilege of volunteering with Books for Keeps, an organization bridging the gap between access to quality reading materials and literacy loss over summer months.

Books for Keeps’ mission is to improve children’s reading achievement by addressing barriers related to the accessibility and appeal of reading material. We give books to children whose reading opportunities outside of school might be otherwise limited due to geography, income, or other factors.

Their mission is met with a vision to see a world where every child has “equal and consistent access to books, loves to read, and develops and maintains reading skills for life.” This year alone, Books for Keeps partnered with 18 different schools and distributed over 95,000 books… their largest distribution yet to ‘Stop Summer Slide’.

By providing children with open, equal access to books, Books for Keeps is laying the foundation for a successful future while also connecting the joy of reading with the thrill of discovery.

To learn more about Books for Keeps or volunteer opportunities, visit their website at

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