Are Your Facebook Posts Going Unnoticed?

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When automotive innovator Tesla decided to join forces with CamaPlan Self Directed IRA, we seized the opportunity to showcase the benefits of using self-directed IRAs to build retirement portfolios in non-traditional ways… like having your IRA buy a Tesla to lease to an Uber driver. This surprising angle on IRA investing was intended to dramatize the flexibility of self-directed IRAs – but co-branding the event with a sexy company like Tesla adds heightened interest and a new twist on investor educational events.

And in today’s media-saturated world, if you can’t get someone’s attention, you won’t get their business.

How we got the word out…

CamaPlan had done a good job growing its follower base on Facebook, but recent algorithm changes meant that their “organic” posts only reached about 10% of the fan base.

The solution?

Post boosting.

With a modest $60 investment, CamaPlan got the “Test Drive a Tesla” post in front of thousands of affluent, Philadelphia-area Facebook users, and the event quickly became a sell-out.


With this simple $60 post boost, the Tesla post got over 4,000 impressions and over 100 actions (likes, shares, clicks).


Analytics snapshot

In cases like CamaPlan’s “Tesla Test Drive” post, boosting ensures that the messages that matter reach more people in the proper geo-demographic niche.

Curious about how to use social media to build your brand and drive more leads & revenue? Give us a call, and we’ll see how we might be able to “boost” your business.

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